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Get Your Heating and Cooling in Check

There's no better time to have your HVAC heating and air conditioning units check out than right now. It's important to make a smooth, healthy, and safe transition from the central air conditioning systems you ran all summer to the heating system that will keep you warm this winter. The reason to have a certified and licensed HVAC technician prep your heating systems for the winter is they haven't been used in close to six months. This is a health and safety issue as most furnaces have the combination of natural gas and an open flame in use to heat your home. The pilot light might need to be lighted, and the gas lines should definitely be inspected for proper seals and connections as well as to ensure there are no leaks which can literally lead to catastrophes in your house such as asphyxiation, fire, and explosion.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

It's also important to make certain your central air conditioning system is also properly shutdown for the season. This means making certain any water source, if any, is secured, free from leaks, and will not cause a flood while in winter hibernation. Air conditioning systems should also have an insulated cover placed over them for the winter, protecting its important parts and components from the brutal winter elements.

Central Heating Installation

This is also the perfect time of year to consider a central heating installation. Your local HVAC dealer can discuss your many options, show you various units that will work in your house, and discuss any other questions and concerns you might have including gas and electricity consumption, annual savings, any government rebates, and a wide range of financing options. Your local HVAC heating and air conditioning dealer can help you with all of your central air conditioning and heating issues, and can show you ways to ready your house for the winter.

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