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Arkansas Heating and Air

If your neighborhood is anything like the rest of the country, then temperatures are dropping quickly and you're kicking on the furnace after the sun sets in Arkansas to cut through the chill inside your house. Have you stopped to consider that you haven't turn on your heater for nearly six months? Arkansas HVAC central air and heating systems require periodic maintenance and service to keep them in optimal condition. Simply turning them on after months of inactivity is a roll of the dice, and an approach not recommended by your local HVAC dealership.

Central Heating Service in Arkansas

The central heating system in your house consists of natural gas, metal parts, and an open flame ignited by a pilot light. These systems are clearly safe enough to be in your house, and have failsafe provisions built in for additional safety. However, you can see the potential for trouble?even disaster?if something were to ever go wrong, or if an unskilled person ever attempted to make services or repairs to any HVAC system in Arkansas. Simply flipping the switch to ON when cold weather sets in can lead to malfunctions and even shorten the overall life expectancy of your HVAC system. Your local HVAC technician will ensure that the pilot is good to go, the each natural gas connector is tight and that no gas is leaking, change the filters for optimal performance, and do an overall safety and soundness check of your entire Arkansas central heating system.

Getting Arkansas Heating Systems Ready

Winterizing your home is an important task this time of year. Homeowners in Arkansas are busy shutting down automatic sprinkler systems, returning gardening and landscaping equipment to the shed, and getting the snow blower ready to handle the lion's share of the work this winter. Winterizing also means ensuring your HVAC central heating system will be there for you throughout the entire upcoming winter season, as well as many decades down the road. Licensed and bonded Arkansas HVAC dealers and technicians in your area are ready to help you keep your heating system in tip-top shape.

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